About Us

Who we are ?

In this era, where green architecture can no more be considered as an option but a responsibility of an architect, HARMONY architects take pride in providing innovative eco friendly solutions. The various climate responsive, ecological strategies incorporated by team HARMONY have been able to create a niche in the area of sustainable design field. Eco-friendly design trends have been explored and implemented in the areas of residential designs, eco housing, green institutions, green industry and ecotourism. Innovative ecological design solutions are derived after thorough analysis of the micro and macro context of the site. Simultaneously, reduction in carbon footprint is closely adhered too, in each phase of designing (concept to execution), eventually contributing to reduction in green gas emission. The process of Life Cycle Analysis is understood and applied in respective projects.


Our cutting edge can be read as:

  • Creation of 'Energy Efficient Buildings';
  • Green Industries
  • Green Building
  • 'Climate Responsive Design' as design tool;
  • 'Vernacular Re-Interpretations' for the context of all projects respectively;
  • Mud architecture, buildings using 'Rammed Earth' technology;

We are a private limited company, comprising of architects and planners, who design buildings and campuses, with an approach of 'Sustainability'.


Our vision is to excel and explore environment friendly designs, exhibiting a blend of nature, tradition and innovation.

Our elements shall be vernacular, output shall be contextual and approach shall be sustainable


We, at HARMONY, believe that SUSTAINABLE DESIGN is an attitude of, and an approach towards, the entire field of design. It shall be unjust to term it as design concept. We, as a team, are continuously striving towards it, in all our professional endeavours.

Output models

We, at Harmony possess expertise and have exhibited excellence in, producing output in the following formats:

  • Project evaluation
  • Project formulation
  • Project design
  • Post execution management strategy