Green Institute

Anoopam Mission

Emergence of ‘Upaasana’, as residence for the founder of Anoopam Mission, was conceived as continuation of the philosophy of the Mission, which is dedicated to human services and the sadhak’s of which lead a normal but devoted life. The open plan of the building, features like circulation as binding element, thresholds of approach and the introvert lifestyle offered, are expressions of vernacular re-interpretation. Glare free optimum daylight, reduction in radiation and efficient natural ventilation have been achieved through design approach. The indigenous lifestyle of the region has been enhanced by facilitating outdoor living and a very strong association to nature.

Agriculture College

‘Buildings are buildings but if they are built with a defined vision and spirit, they become ‘institutions’ - whose primary role is to nurture the spirit of education’, was the conceptual thought behind design of the campus. The defined vision for the institute was ‘Sustainable Design’. The concerns were energy efficiency, location, recycling, daylight, views to outside environment, innovation, primary energy materials and proximity. The main design feature was the climate responsive envelope design, for the buildings. The texture of wall and its shape enabled less heating. The shaded semi covered spaces acted as common use spaces. The customized opening design admitted glare free optimum daylight.