Green Housing


The colony symbolizes ‘Urban Sustainability’. It resorts to use of natural materials and local labor. The main construction materials are mud (rammed earth) and bricks. The walls have been made up using rammed earth technology. The project has been executed by skilled masons from the vicinity itself.

Bohra Colony

The residence is a very good example of how we interpret and redefine our “Vernacular Architecture”, to suit our present day needs and life. This residence took inspiration from the fundamental vernacular elements, such as jalis, courtyards, openings placed such that ample cross-ventilation and optimum daylight occurs, merging of inside outside. We have made use of jalis (in both interior and exterior) in the manner that it surpasses its basic functionality and becomes the highlight of the design, a defining characteristic. It dissolves the boundary of inside and outside, while the play of light and shadow because of it renders the spaces interesting at all times of the day.