Green High-rise

Project : 1

The concept underlying for this project was to create an eco- friendly campus, enhancing education through self exploration, while casting lowest possible ecological footprint. We had to design the institute in order to suit the functional requirements and ambience preferences of the core users, simultaneously complying with green building norms. Thus this gave rise to a building that is very contemporary in use and has its own presence while accommodating and merging with the original site structures through proper planned landscape and visual axis. The design makes use of old existing trees while planting new ones to create shade for open common areas, big terraces that act as heat buffers and interaction points and plazas that are the centre of common activities makes the building active and live in its use.

Project : 2

The typical office entails a cubicle with the user sitting at its desk for the entire duration of his shift, all access to outside lost, thereby tiring him mentally and physically. To bridge that gap between outside and inside and make fundamental elements like natural daylight, ample cross ventilation, access to outside green views available to every user of the space was the main driving force behind the design. We have accomplished that by placing openings in the direction of prevailing winds such that optimum daylight without heat and ample air draft is create din the spaces. This reduces the heat build up inside and makes it comfortable to the user. Having accessible green spaces also reduces the mental fatigue which is very common by-product of closed offices.